For all you working moms — Good Job ladies!

Bring out the tissues… And watch this video created by software company Cybozu. (Source Credit: A Sick Child Refuses To Walk In The Rain. What Mom Does? I’m Crying)

In the touching short film below, we meet a dedicated, hardworking mom who doesn’t get the amount of support she needs or deserves from her spouse or co-workers. The mom below has a busy career, a husband, and she not only must take care of the home, but also raise their child. On this hectic work day, her young son has come down with a fever and she must pull him out of daycare. Between home life and her full-time job, Mom’s days are jam-packed, exhausting, and frustrating. In the end, it seems like it’s all becoming too much for this one mother to bear — that is, until her sick son asks her one simple yet powerful question: “Mommy, are you okay?”

It rings all the bells in my mommy head.


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