Why I Love My Daily Escapes From Motherhood

Yes, I love Mondays and every other weekday. There I said it.

Why? Because it gives me a Break from my otherwise all-encompassing motherhood chores, duties and must-dos.

I began work early this year with a sense of guilt. Or something similar like that. At one point, when I had to travel out for work, the feeling ‘I am neglecting my child for the next 48 hours’ swamped me.

And then somewhere down the line I have stopped feeling terrible about leaving my toddler every morning for work. I actually look forward to work now. To put it in a word, I feel Exuberant. Really. It feels so good to think about normal human things, to feel my brain kicking into gear and having longer than five minutes to really think about something.

Just keeping up with toddler’s meals, household laundry, and other chores takes all of my weekend. And it is not funny how much time I spend running after my toddler on off work days. Being a mom can be incredibly isolating, even though you are often surrounded by your family. But there’s only one mom in the house and that role remains undivided.

When I leave for work every day, I have goals to meet, plans to achieve, and finally accomplishing them is a definite high on many levels. Multiply this by 10 if your work serves a purpose you’re passionate about, which is the case for me. Sitting in office might not actually qualify as a meditation chamber, but “going to work” means exercising some control over my space. Why would any one not love this way of life?

Sure, there’s still a sense of physical cleaving that occurs when I cannot hold my child for an extended period. But guilt it is not. After nearly 2 years, I am still growing accustomed to the paradox that is Motherhood.

It is now very clear to me that becoming a mother does not erase the human need to achieve something for themselves, which is truly theirs to show & cherish & be proud of. I am no different.


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