Two years as ‘mommy’

Our Guest Blogger & fellow working mommy, Mansi Taneja recently completed two WHOLE years as a Mommy

*Big Congrats, Mommy*


Mansi, I know this “mommy guilt.” After my maiden journey away from my son, I realised that my toddler didn’t exactly notice my absence, which was both comforting and a little sad. I missed being his crazy mommy!


After what I feel was a successful completion of two years of motherhood, I thought it was time to gift myself some treat instead of my son. Was it strange that I took some attention off the apple of my eye, his diapers, food, cartoons and the messy home? May be it was but I got past it and for the first time embarked upon an all-girls weekend trip to the Neemrana Fort Palace.


It was also for the very first time that was to leave my son alone in the care of his father. It took us four hours to drive down from Delhi to the Fort, my much awaited break. But as the sun began setting, I started missing my son and worrying how will he manage the whole night without me. I guess I hadn’t really “got past” my guilt.


I don’t know if I was more happy or sad that he was enjoying without me at home. He even went out for an outing and slept non-stop for 9 straight hours that night. I was shocked. In the last two years there hasn’t been a night when he didn’t get up two or three times making sure I don’t get a sound sleep.


He seemed more considerate towards his father, making sure in his own little way that he didn’t have any troubles during the night. I cajoled myself thinking that may be it is not so much for the love towards his dad but that he realised that there was no point getting up as the dear Dad won’t be able to manage his tantrums.


No I didn’t mope away my entire weekend. I had a great time. How couldn’t I — with the whole bed to myself, waking up whenever I wanted and doing nothing and lazing. No running around after the kid to eat something, forcing him to get ready so that I can get to work and all the other daily chores at home. Phew!


And then it was back to my own little world, back to the short stretches of sleep at night. It feels like a tight rope walk – balancing home and office with a kid who never seems to be tired. The credit goes to my family and my husband, who have been there at every step to help me out.


But, never mind. A day off was worth it. For all the mothers out there, I would say that pack your guilt in some bag and keep it aside for few days. Take that pleasure trip, nobody would mind, not even your little one.




2 thoughts on “Two years as ‘mommy’

  1. It is not just a real life experience being shared by a mommy rather, an inspirational fact which, motivates me to take a break like such. Being a mother of an year & a half i can merely relate with this. Mansi keep writing & inspiring!!

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