Dear Toddler, Screw Your Tantrums


This post was exactly what was going on in my mind (including the headline!). And since I am a lazy one, sharing this post is the BEST way to let all fellow mommies shake their heads & acknowledge this fact.

Dear Toddler,

I woke up this morning with every intention of having a great day. Outside the window, playful little birds bounced through the trees. Mother Nature gleefully peeked her yellow face from behind the clouds. The new coffee I purchased tasted like paradise in a cup. I was so in love, I tried finding the number for the grower in Antigua so I could properly thank him. A day like this … how could anything go wrong?

And then you woke up.

Immediately dissatisfied that a dancing cat graced the television screen instead of a goofy sponge, your lips quivered and your eyes swelled. A tsunami of noise poured from your pie hole. I’m pretty sure the neighbor’s alarm system kicked in when that first temper tantrum of the day erupted.

The is scene is identical in my house nowadays. The boi wakes up and immediately has to be allowed to climb up on my computer table (adjacent to the bed) and grab the water bottle (that we keep for the night). Then he insists that we screw open the cap (and get up and throw the water so that he doesn’t spill any on bed) for him to twist it back again. And the cycle continues till he is ready to switch to a new activity. God help us if we refuse the water bottle because then the cacophony that he creates is practically ear-shattering.

This is just one of the zillion such inane toddler routines that we are supposed to follow, if we want peace in the house.
Another popular activity is those damn Lego Blocks — the bane of every lazy mom. These blocks (even though I never bought one but ended up getting a set of this hellish game from someone) can be found in all of my rooms, all corners, kitchen shelves and some have been poking me from under my pillow too. My toddler plays with these blocks for about 6 minutes (in a day) before he decides that they are more fun to throw around and drag them across tiled floor to make that SCREECHING sound. And he thinks it is even more fun when I squeal out in pain when my foot comes in accidental contact with these pointed blocks lying on the floor (or all over).

As any mother knows, when the day starts with a temper tantrum it usually goes south from there. And it did. You had no intention of being a well-behaved toddler. You know … like those seen peppered throughout Facebook … those perfectly poised kids sitting on bales of hay and chilling in old iron washtubs? Oh no. You had other plans. You’d make me earn the title “World’s Most Psychotic Mother.”

This is like the regular thought that crosses my mind every time I click open Facebook. That’s another reason why I have limited photos of my toddler & me on the site since these “pose & click” occasions are rare impossible in my house.

 After pitching the fifth hard, plastic toy in my direction and abruptly firing “NO!” for the millionth time, THAT. WAS. IT. It was nap time or else … I was about ready to pack my bandana on a stick and head for the nearest exit.

You fell asleep like an exorcism was being performed. I won’t lie. Some little part of me wanted to cave in, to pick you up and soothe you. My mommy heart desperately wanted to rock you in my arms until you drifted off to sleep. That was until your foot made its way to my jaw, Jet Li style.

O Boy. This is my weekend & weekdays too. And kicks in the gut from those tiny appendages are my daily night time ritual.

Orginal Post From Here – Dear Toddler, Screw Your Tantrums.


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