That stage when they start destroying things


My toddler has finally figured out the power of using his mind, body & voice (make that screams) effectively. While I am still discovering what toddler stage is like, I can confidently confess that previous stage of living in a sea of drool, poop, and pee pee was nothing compared to parenting a toddler.

Among the many changes that this toddlerhood has brought to my house, my life and myself include constantly unkempt rooms, dribble of food all over the floor in all corners, mountains of baby-toddler clothes dumped in some corner that beg to be sorted out (only mommy finds no energy to do so), empty bottles and containers under sofa/beds/any furniture that has a hollow base, tissues squeezed in all corners, innumerable toy parts and books in all conceivable directions, etc .. etc. You get the picture, I guess.

I foolishly tried to keep it all together earlier. And got all frustrated when I couldn’t keep up. But it’s all in the past. I have taught myself to ignore these ‘tiny’ things and focus on the bigger damage. At least that way, I can learn to not buy anything fancy or over $10 while we languish in this toddler-hood stage.

This post is also supposed to be my reality check about the stuff & dollars that have been sacrificed for my toddler. The list goes like this:

  1. One 3-month old Lumia handset whose screen was smashed by repeatedly flinging it on to concrete sidewalk.
  2. A branded headset whose ear piece was practically chewed & smothered with drool
  3. Several keys of my MacBook keypad that were pulled out by tiny hands
  4. A carpet that was repeatedly subjected to spilled over food, milk, and lot of pee
  5. Couple of fancy baby cups & toys that were just flung off on road when mommy wasn’t looking
  6. Several fancy books torn page by page and now lie in some dusty corner
  7. A Lorreal age-defying serum jar that was cracked open and now has glass/ceramic particles mixed with the costly serum. Mommy is still finding her courage to throw that costly jar out.
  8. Bobbi Brown lip-liners and eye-liner pencils whose tips have been crushed by stamping them on floor. Mommy still manages to use them
  9. An IKEA table lamp (which now sits without a lamp shade)
  10. 2 badly battered iPad covers because they have been through just too much abuse
  11. Mommy’s brand new ArmaniXchange sweatshirt that is now covered with some carrot-beet puree stains

All of the above are really a reminder to self to NOT get anything fancy, expensive or remotely delicate in the house for the next 18 years or so. Sure, toddler-hood is a cute stage by all means, but at this age my boi can pretty much get away with murder.

If it is some consolation, there seem to be thousands of parents, raising young ones, who have possibly seen worse than me. Here’s some of the graphic proof.  




One thought on “That stage when they start destroying things

  1. OMG it felt like someone was telling my story, keys of my laptop have gone too. I love your suggestion of not buying anything expensive. Hmmmm.. Long before the storm stops 🙂

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