Everyday is Mother’s Days


Another Mother’s Day is round the corner and buckets full of marketing fluff is being advocated by retailers, urging us all to “celebrate your mother.” I am sure many many many of us will actually use this ‘one day’ and paint the town red with their mom’s. And really there’s nothing wrong in celebrating good times with people whom you love and who love you back.

What is wrong is commoditising mother’s love and restricting it celebrating it on just ONE day. Don’t insult the woman – who took stitches (in case you were a C-section child) & intense physical trauma to bring you in this world; for years went on with back breaking menial household tasks for which no one appreciated her; or perhaps doubled her workload by getting a job making sure that money was never a limiting factor while you grew up – by taking her out for a dinner or buying a diamond brooch on Mother’s Day. She deserves your time, attention and efforts every day as you live the life she gave you.

Talking about me, I’m now a 16-month old mom and some day my son will be in that ‘Happy Mother’s day’ card-making phase and possibly even whip up some hand made gift for me (goaded by his school or friends). But the lesson that I want him to remember is that I’ll rather take his “please” and “thank you” for all the chores I do in my household, behave & respect his parents every day over a random day of breakfast in bed.

I have never celebrated Mother’s Day by getting gifts for my mom. But I have been with my mom (and dad) when they needed me. I talk to them almost once in 24 hours and whatever geography or time zone we are, it is no deterrent. They know they can call me and I will be besides them, in emergency. Mom knows how I value her advice and how I love going shopping with my parents. Gifts, we buy for each other through the year, but seldom because it’s a Mother’s/Father’s/Daughter’s day, instead always because we like to see good things adorning loved ones.

This Mother’s Day, as I stare at an entire letterbox jammed with catalogues covered in slogans like ‘Make Mum Smile’ and battle to delete never-ending ‘special discounts for you & Mum’ emails, I hope that my son grows up and see’s through this gobbledygook built by brands and celebrate his parents & relationships every day.



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