Mommy facts we should start quoting


Mommy’s, did you always had a gnawing feeling that you were doing more than your partner when it came to raising a child? Well, you were correct. Here’s what Happy Worker , who are into custom made toys for everyone who likes toys, found when they scoured World Wide Web for statistics and facts.


Diaper facts: 7,300 diapers will be changed by baby’s 2nd birthday. While moms take 2 minutes, 5 seconds (please do the math for how much time is spent in a year) , vs. 1 minute, 36 seconds for dads

I disagree with the fact that mom’s take longer, because it’s just not right. Further, the time taken gets shorter and shorter as mom gets her nappy rhythm and many more seconds are saved when introduce pull-up pants in your diaper routine.

Attention & care: Preschooler requires mom’s attention once every 4 minutes or 210 times/day. Also, preschooler moms spend 2.7 hours/day on primary childcare, vs. 1.2 hours/day for dads

So, that’s why average mother is not a social being. They just don’t have the time.


Above is the reason why parent’s start wearing sacks and eat McDonalds and instant noodles. And that lousy weight gain is the reason why average mother starts ignoring celebrity moms/any other mom who shed their pregnancy pounds instantly.






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