Four brain games to help your baby’s development

Internet is becoming scarily intuitive. Just last night, I was talking to my friend on WhatsApp on what kind of games I should play with my 14-month old boi. And today morning when I Googled for news, this is what came on side bar as ‘targeted ad.’

Four brain games to help your baby’s development on Parent Exchange tells me that I am doing a fabulous job as a mommy when I am singing and playing peekaboo with my boi.

Set up a safe environment with pillows, chairs and blankets to encourage your infant to explore their surrounding environment by crawling, rolling, sitting or walking.

I do that almost regularly. While he’s at this exploration, we play a quick round of peekaboo too. And the squeals of joy that I get are the biggest gratification.

In fact, playing is considered such an important part of development that it’s been recognised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights as a right of every child.

Play is a significant contributor to cognitive, physical, emotional and social development and is how children learn rules such as cause and effect, risk-taking, processes and the power of the imagination.

The best plaything a child can have is a parent.

In short, I’m a certified ‘plaything’.


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