‘Will never ever regret being a mommy’


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As a journalist in most of my stories I find that the ongoing “economic slowdown” inadvertently finds a way to get a mention. Ironically, as far as the story of my own life goes that much needed slowdown has eluded me. Motherhood it seems keeps has kept all such things at bay.

When I was told by the doctor that I had been blessed with a baby boy almost 18 months back, I was a little disappointed as we had a strong intuition of having a baby girl, for who even the names were shortlisted. But, life had its own plans. Few hours later when the nurse came to me with the baby – the first time I saw him actually – in that moment my life changed forever. Ever since, he has become my priority, my love, my friend and my baby.

It has been a roller coaster ride. While I would not have left my job anyway, it became even more necessary because of various financial liabilities. I wanted my independence – of spending money where I want, of driving the second car without thinking of budget, to give all comforts to the little new entrant in the family and above all for my own self.

With in-laws settled in Kerala, my own mother took it upon herself to manage her first grandchild while I was away at work. So, we have to shuttle between houses every 2-3 weeks so that no home gets neglected, one in Delhi and another one near the border of Delhi. Husbands are taken care of – mine and my mom’s of course. Packing and unpacking has been my routine every third weekend now for more than a year since I came back to office and there is no alternative. Not to mention cooking and doing other small chores before starting off for work every day. None of this has made me any slimmer or even left anytime to focus on my health, habits.

At times, guilt pangs do come and knock my door but somehow I have been able to leave it aside for the good, I guess. It’s been a year of no personal stuff as well. No reading, no writing, no late night parties, no weekend trips planned randomly. Dressing sense has become weird, mirror seems to be an enemy, TV does not exist, proper breakfast and dinner never happens and sleep has become the biggest luxury I cannot afford. With all this going on you are not allowed to fall sick or even feel tired.

But, not even for a minute I have regretted being a mommy. It’s the best thing that can ever happen, it’s a bliss though exhaustion and forgetting what is normal, comes bundled with it. Right from the time he held my finger, took his first step to his first word, the journey has been amazing to say the least. There could be nothing more relaxing than seeing your child play and run around your home.

And the journey has also become a learning one for me as I have understood what patience is, though am yet to perfect it, and how I should get up, every time I fall down and move ahead, be curious about new things and love unconditionally. My son does not know yet what a mother is. But, I definitely know what motherhood is, it’s all about selfless love and the bond.


2 thoughts on “‘Will never ever regret being a mommy’

  1. I not only read but imagined & almost lived each bit of the life, simply expressed by a Mother. This piece of writing doesn’t only connects with the mothers but, any woman playing any role. Feeling touched!! All the best to Mansi 🙂

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