Stop the lies about parenting | Business Line

In this no-nonsense piece on maotherhood, Stop the lies about parenting, @VeenaVenugopal mirrors my sentiments.

“There are all kinds of exhaustions when you have a child. There’s an eye-burning exhaustion because you haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in a year. There’s the puzzling exhaustion of post-natal depression. There’s the dull exhaustion of not knowing what people are talking about when they discuss current affairs. There’s the bone-weary exhaustion of running after a toddler. There’s also a meta-exhaustion, exhaustion from feeling exhausted. None of it, I’m sorry to say, is blissful.”

I hear you, fellow mommy.

“Here’s the truth. Parenting is challenging. It’s difficult. Sometimes it’s rewarding. Sometimes it’s not. I agree with Rai Bachchan — it is exhausting. But in a plain vanilla kind of way. The only blissful exhaustion about parenting happens about nine months before the baby is born. Trust me.”


2 thoughts on “Stop the lies about parenting | Business Line

  1. This is somewhat of a negative perspective, but I appreciate it as I did kind of feel that way after my son was born. But, I found the year after my twins were born to be very blissful, whether it was due to the extreme exhaustion or hormones flooding through my system, but I will look back on it as one of the best years of my life. It’s all about perspective I guess. Cheers!

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