Work & mommies

I took to the title of a Working Mom a little over 3 weeks back. I kickstarted my career because I have always enjoyed working. What I do is interesting and challenging without draining the life out of me. I have a wonderful boss and a lot of flexibility, the hours are manageable, and people around me nice. I definitely like the adult interaction, critical thinking, and the feeling of being part of something important in an organisation. I signed up for this career (fully aware that it means staying away from my boi for few hours everyday).

After several hours of working & travelling in public transport, coming home to care for a child and a messy home can feel like you are pulling a double shift. But hey, you have the money now. So shed some of it, get a maid & lessen that stress. And some days it’s all right to shut your eye on the messy house and overflowing laundry basket. It won’t bite.

What’s the highest high in this new role of working mom? That I can be of assistance in caring for a child and family financially, renders a sense of confidence and self-worth to me. As my boi grows up, I hope I can use my ‘working mom’ role to teach him how his dad and me work & make sure the family is provided for comfortably. This could be his biggest lesson in life – work to fulfil your needs. Value the dollar(s) mom and dad bring home.

What’s the low in this role of working mom? There is indeed a lot of my boi’s life that passes by me while I am making those conference calls, researching, making a presentation or discussing budgets with colleagues. I am fully aware that I will miss out on several of those special, spontaneous moments. Like my boi could speak his first legitimate word (after Mummmmaaa) any day now and I won’t be there. The grandparents, who are taking care of him, will probably be the first ones to witness this moment.

But I refuse to slather & drown myself in mommy guilt.
Be it in an office. Or on a plane. Or in the quiet of a baby’s room.
Each one is important work. What my husband does and what I do. It’s not always easy and it’s not always fair, but every day we do the best way we know how.


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