Here’s what’s good about motherhood

Life as a mother is tough per say; gets tougher when you are outdoors with your child and is toughest on weekends, public holidays and festivals when you like everyone want to do ‘your’ thing but can’t.

So, exactly when is the good part, the good days of motherhood? I will speak for myself that there are some fantastic times as a mother and days when you can’t contain this joy in your heart and have to take to Facebook, Twitter, social platforms to share it with the whole damn world. Like me. And this joy gets multiplied every time someone ‘likes’/ comments on your social update.

Oh, my mommyhood’s happiness is when…

  1. …on days I learn that one CAN live without make-up, good-fitted clothes, fancy shoes and expensive perfumes. And that the people you share your life with – spouse, kid(s), parents etc – don’t give horse’s ass about your physical appearance. 
  2. …on days when body hair begins to resemble prehistoric proportions but boi giggles while twirling these in his tiny fingers. Mind you, this also brings a very hearty laughter.
  3. …on days when boi finishes his bowl of food without messing up the just-cleaned floors. 
  4. …on days when I get to chew food, sip a drink along, and watch the whole episode of my teleserial or youtube videos while boi sleeps or plays happily by himself. The feeling is actually between ecstatic and is-it-really-happening-to-me.
  5. …on days when boi sticks by my schedule. Example, wakes up on time, naps on time, eats and poops on time. Bliss.  
  6. …on days when I venture out in public places and boi gets so busy soaking up the outside world that he forgets to throw a tantrum. Makes me beam with joy. 
  7. …on days when some stupid trick (totally fluke) of mine cracks boi up. I have collected a stock of giggling videos of boi when I got lucky with some funny face, a silly nursery rhyme adapted in Hindi, unexpected behavior like talking into a banana (yes, this one was the latest). The trick is the highlight of my and boi’s day and we love to show it off to everyone who would care. Although next day, its promptly forgotten. 

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