Cool bottles for hot milk

If you have been blessed with a baby who does not (ever) feed on the scheduled time, then you need these fancy bottles, Iiamo Go Self-Heating Feeding Bottles.

Product video here


I saw these eye-catching feeding bottles in a mall in Singapore a few days back and then again when a visibly hassled mom used one of these for her very fussy baby. While I don’t have these self-heating bottles for my baby, I did spend some time in a baby store checking the technology behind these and the mom with fussy baby gave me a demo too. She opted for these costly option over cheaper plastic feeding bottles because when her little girl would suddenly crank up for milk in public places and in her play school, it made the mother extremely nervous. “The quickest way to help my girl soothe is by giving her Iiamo bottle, which I don’t have to check for temperature. Just pour milk and hand it over,” reasoned the mother.

At the store, I learnt that these are self-heating bottle that will heat up milk/formula in just about 4 minutes. Yeah! Don’t fret they are lead, Phthalates, BPA and PVC free bottles and you don’t have to go hunting for batteries or electricity to heat the bottles.

The bottles come with organic cartridges that use salt and water to generate heat. Heat is generated from the rehydration of the salt inside, and warms the milk inside (to an optimum temperature of  37 degrees). Made in Scandinavia, the package comprises of one self-heating bottle, one heating cartridge and one nipple. Additional cartridges are available and sold in packs of six.

Believe me if I knew about these when my baby was still waking up for his nightly feeds, I would have bought these ASAP. I have been lugging along a thermos for hot water and a cold water bottle to mix feeds in my baby bag for 10-months now and it’s a lot of additional weight to carry along. 

New parents – I think it will chip away a lot of pain of those night-time feeds when all you want to do is crash but are left messing around with hot kettles to get the feed mixed at right temperature.

Parents in India, check here and rest here  

#Disclaimer: This is an independent review conducted at a store. The company did not provide any samples.


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