Motherhood’s biggest joke: I won’t change

I had complete faith in myself that I won’t change after becoming a mother. And that’s exactly what my state of being is NOT today. I remember making a silent promise everytime I saw a hassled mom at the mall running after her kid that I wont be like them. All I can say now is, easier said than done.

#Change 1 — The concept of Neat ‘n’ Tidy
I used to think that for my home to be neat and tidy, there had to be a sterile or almost a Zen-like quality to it. Now if my room isn’t covered with a changing mats, diapers, smattering of toys, and tissue boxes then it’s good enough for me.

#Change 2 — The Mommy Wardrobe
My wardrobe has steadily transformed from expensive and dressy wears to basic, comfortable and budget-friendly designs today. Why? Because I needed a wardrobe that could withstand anything from after-feed spit up, drool, healthy splattering of baby wastes while diaper changing or even otherwise (may sound gross to many but not to mothers) and soon dirt from playing in the park. I am not even counting the cooking and cleaning bit here.
The basic criteria nowadays while I choose my clothes is whether I can throw it in the washer and dryer and be good to go. Believe me there’s no point driving yourself crazy with how Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai, Beyonce or any other celebrity mom evolved after becoming a mom. While there’s no dearth of celebrities emerging all chic and stylish almost immediately after giving birth, what we do not consider is that they usually have a team in place making sure that they are as fabulous as ever! 
Lesson, don’t be too hard on yourself. 
#Change 3 — Swift action
I was never a slow worker but managing my bath routine in under 7 minutes including washing my hair is a feat I learned only after becoming a mom. My toddler has the attention span of sand fleas so I have to be very fast in bundling him in his pram & set out for an evening walk before he loses interest, or change his clothes swiftly before he decides that dirty clothes is what he wants. Tell me to pack a diaper bag, and it would be ready in seconds. 
#Change 4 — The idea of ‘having a good time’
My idea of a good time has changed 360 degree. From late nights at a bar with a group of friends, tequila shots and lots of candid pictures that could be only shared amongst the good friends, today late night is only about waking up to feed the lil champ or change his diaper. While I am not ruling out the clubbing scene, the whole sleep deprivation thing does make late night social calls a rarity until lil champ decides to sleep longer hours. 

Today a lunch date with a girlfriend or a family brunch is just about perfect. Daily walks outside with my baby boy are a favorite activity. Taking a walk with my husband on weekends gives me an intense high, like all is right in the world.

#Change 5 — Becoming a morning person
I am not a morning person. Nearly 4-months into my life as a mommy, I’m still not a ‘happy’ morning person. But my baby boy is. I have shocked my parents every day when on hearing my son cooing from his crib at 7 a.m., I get up, feed him, change his diaper before sitting out in balcony to play with him. I do not press Snooze. 
Changes will happen and will continue as I move ahead in my journey. All I keep repeating to myself nowadays is mommyhood can’t be always about cleaning, sleep-depravation and complete lack of style. Right?

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