I’m sure we all — by that I mean first-time parents who take pains to learn about parenting — would have read a dozen books and a zillion websites on how to manage time and get things accomplished while your infant sleeps.

I thought I had mastered the theory classes of time management until my lil champ arrived and showed me who’s the boss. Sleep is (and my earlier posts indicate that) definitely one of the major obsessions for me. And “Sleeping through the night” is a quest that has been totally unachievable for me until now. I actually dream of a day when my baby will habitually go down for a whole night of sleep.

Meanwhile, when I have just one hour (some days even less) while baby naps, I have configured myself to stuff my face with food, get myself cleaned up or atleast get my clothes changed, pass out next to my little one, sterilize the bottles etc, sort his tiny clothes and try to make sense of that TV show on which I’m weeks behind.

It’s amazing that how fast I can accomplish these chores and make minimal level of noise while doing so. That’s motherhood.


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