To be the Perfect Bride

There’s a reality show on Star TV, called Perfect Bride. Now, I am a regular (almost regular) viewer of the show and I know how desperate the girls ..err, or I should say brides are on the show to get married to the handful of grooms. But all I end up feeling is sorry for the girls.

These girls are not only hypnotized by the show’s glitz but cry their guts out to their parents (audiences) or whoever is nearby, simply to ensure that they are finally married off on the show. Of course, this also means the girl takes away the crown of ‘Perfect Bride,’ a title that the jury members (Malaika Arora Khan, Shekhar Suman and Amrita Rao) seem to take quite seriously.

Let’s start with Shekhar Suman who makes sure that he gets the maximum time on show, and poses intelligent sounding questions like, “Aapke liye Perfect Bride ka kya matlab hai” (What does Perfect Bride mean to you) to one of the wannabe-brides. The bewildered girl replies with a smile stuck to her face, “I have come here to get married and I think …(more smiles and signs of tears welling up) the chance of being able to live with my mother-in-law is an added bonus. Even if I don’t win, I have got a new mother and a very good friend (camera zooms on to a boy she’s attracted to).” Shekhar Suman applauds and smiles at Malaika and Amrita.

What do you make of such reality shows. I feel so sorry for the girls. Not that I am any authority on marriages, but I am just surprised at their naivety. They just don’t know that marriage is more than a reality show. How a person behaves while a camera pans over his face is not how he would behave in real, normal life.

For instance, this fella Hitesh Chauhan (a strappy young man, who was wooing Pooja Tandon just 4 weeks back on the show, is now ready to settle with Rumpa Roy!) Why? In his own words, “Because I want to take home a “Perfect Bride.” ”

I totally freak out when 25-year-olds talk like babies and behave as if mentally damaged. Chauhan, who claimed that Tandon was the ONE for him switched gears so swiftly on the show, that even the lamest could see through his (and his mother’s) crappy attitude. But Roy, now besotted with Chauhan and being the perfect bride, can see nothing more than winning the title and getting married to the man. WTF!

In the latest episode, Roy goes all out by defying her own mother. Poor lady is simply being a mother and why blame her? She’s probably seen the show more attentively than any of us and recalls all the clandestine meetings between her daughter’s present suitor and Tandon; please note that just 6 weeks before Ms Roy was floored by another contestant (she even dedicated an act to him) who eventually got voted out.

If only Indian marriages were build on such fickle show-offs, then we would all be at least once divorced.


7 thoughts on “To be the Perfect Bride

  1. @Alpha: 🙂 thanks for your concern for my sensibilities, but I watched Perfect Bride because it was so funny. You rarely get such funny shows nowadays and my hectic life needs such a pervert form of entertainment. Pardon me

  2. with all due respect..pls stop watching such absurdity which are demeaning to the human dignity..try to pick up a musical instrument as a past time..its wonderful relaxation vs. the idiot box!

  3. LOL :). You know what the biggest irony is? Rakhi Sawant is gonna give tips to the 'would be' perfect bride.

    Rakhi of all the people :D. The Reality Shows in India are getting sadder day by day!

    @Indianhomemaker It is better that you are not watching these kind of shows 🙂

    Priyanka, awesome post nevertheless. I would love to read your take on the latest NDTV Imagine show 'Kahani Punar Janam ki'

  4. I have seen this show couple of times and sometimes i felt why the hell one should go to Reality show to get married as though they have taken my marriage responsibility. No, what i felt is that these channels need some hot show to catch up with the audience and TRP ratings.
    And yes we Indians are best in copying such themes from Foreign media, but we never thought their side effects before & after. These channels don't know how to make such themes suitable for Indians, thats where they fail to lure more audiences and it fells bad in their part coz by doing this they hurt lots of sentiments attached.
    But as we all know we are interested in watching something different and this is the outcome!!!

  5. I have not seen this show, but do 'perfect brides' and 'perfect grooms' really exist? Why the desperation to get married …?

    And this girl obviously feels a perfect bride must love her mother in law.
    “I have come here to get married and I think … the chance of being able to live with my mother-in-law is an added bonus. Even if I don't win, I have got a new mother and a very good friend..”

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