Change is inevitable

Men change and so do women, and I am talking about the event of marriage here. If you married a man through an arranged match (just like millions of Indian girls just like me) you would have begun to notice the slight (or not so slight) changes in your husband, loosely speaking. Speaking for myself, I entered the marriage as a coupling ceremony, which effectively is like saying goodbye to individuality and hello to being one half of my man.

But after 18 months of being married, all my theories about marriage have gone out of the window and practicality has begun to kick in — hard. Just like this following data that I got from a random email forward:

Academics have found cohabiting couples are far more likely than those who are married to split housework evenly – but after the wedding they revert to stereotype, with the woman taking on the great majority of tasks.

The study argues that the effect holds true even in couples with a strongly egalitarian outlook before they are married, at which point women become less likely to fight for their rights.

As I read this mail, I realised that it was true in my case too. The first thought that zipped through my head was — Yikes, the academics were right about me. So, is my marriage a text-book case? Eww…really!

When two people get married and perhaps live together for the first time (like I did with my husband), they wake up to the fact that there are many mundane chores to do around the house rather the home they cohabit. A woman will silently assign duties to herself and at the same time assigns duties to her husband. What she may not do however is communicate these expectations to her husband. She has realised her function in her new home and she expects her better half to have realised the same too. Well, atleast I did so.

So, the biggest change after an arranged marriage is usually adjusting to the fact that instead of each of us doing our own thing, we have another person in the house who had to be taken into account too. Instead of just caring for themselves, there is another being that had to be involved too. This can be a very stressful time for women like me, who like to involve themselves in everything, if the proper planning is not done.

Today, I have come to terms with the fact that my husband will not do as I direct every time. But I have had my small victories too. Hubby dear believes that he can continue to go out with the boys after work for a pint so that he can avoid the dreaded grocery shopping and more importantly paying for the huge grocery bills. But what he does not realise that the monthly grocery shoppings are still always done with him and it is only the smaller ones that get accomplished by his wife, when he is enjoying his peaceful Sunday afternoon watching sports or sleeping. Nonetheless, the wife (that’s me) has taken over the headache of keeping a track of rations in the house after marriage, a big hassle that I had not bargained for before my marriage.

Recently, I met a male acquaintance who is about to be married. I asked him, if anything will change for him after marriage and he casually replied “No, why should it?,” he came back. Why indeed. Now I can’t wait to see him married, so that I can ask him the same question again.


4 thoughts on “Change is inevitable

  1. Yeah i agree, for working women it may be a tough job to balance her work and Home.

    Whatever, if you are having good mutual understanding and love towards each other life sails smooth after marriage also (my mom says so 🙂 ). But i respect your statement/comment too

  2. Krishna: I have said that women change, I did. Fact is that couples need to adjust to changes after marriage and adopt to new circumstances as they come after being married. It's a tough balance my friend

  3. Why not Women change and so do Men :).

    As far as I'm concerned its not good to point out only towards men all the time(i know majority women may not agree to this). But, I have come across instances where men and women changed after their marriage. Some for good reasons and some for bad reasons.

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