What happened to eating with pleasure?

When I boarded the Jet Airways flight to Hong Kong, to begin my 41-day-holiday (at my husband’s expense) I did not know that I should have got my food supply from India. Although I did board with about 6 packets of good old Maggi noodles, several varieties of biscuits, Dairy Whitener and 5 kits of Taj Mahal Tea bags. But I am fast running out of Maggi and Dairy whiteners. At this point let me explain, why I am rationing my food supply on this blog like a food-starved being.

I have been here for almost a week and I am already yearning for some desi food that can be eaten desi style. I can only picture parathas and aam ka aachar, some gorgeous idlis and crispy dosa and salivate. Although I have no problems in trying out various meats, the fact that I’m allergic to most of the seafood and hence that’s one big item off my menu in HK. Like many others Indians, for whom lentils and vegetables are daily meal components, I too yearn for a vegetarian affair that can be tucked in with my hands. I need no rules, man.

But eating by hand is a big no-no in here. Last evening when we went to dine at a local dining place and since I don’t know how to use chopsticks (why should I?), I preferred to pick up the Dimsums and some salad leaves with my hands as no fork or spoon were laid out on the table (so BIG DEAL). But I did catch the look of horror on the face of waiters who were serving us. While one of them got us a fork and knife, the other quickly cleared the chopsticks away.

I hate when I have to confine to a certain pre-fixed norm when it comes to eating. I have never cared as to whether I am eating my dessert first or the starters last. How does it matter, really? You are hungry and you can eat whatever you want.

Same goes with drinks. If I don’t want to drink before my meal, why is that a problem? I like my cocktail after my food and so why is that order looked upon with a visible surprise! Result of eating under a restrictive eye, I have finished my supply of Maggi and Tea bags where Maggi is practically licked off the bowl and sweet tea is nicely slurped and biscuits chomped on.

This weekend, I am off to visit the Peak –a popular attraction that offers spectacular views over the city, harbour and mountains beyond. And at the Peak Galleria, I am going to do exactly what I want to as I am paying for all of it. I will eat with my hands, slurp and even have drinks that are considered unmatched with my food. To hell with all the restrictions.


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