The curious case of Rakhi Sawant

Over the weekend, I watched Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamwar on NDTV Imagine and that too a back-2-back episode telecast. Why did I watch the show? Because I had nothing better to do and secondly, the gutsy gal had me hooked with her one-moment-shy and then next-moment-fiery-self-praising persona act. Rakhi’s a character and a half on telly. I don’t care if she is acting on telly and frankly it doesn’t matter too. I am watching because I am bored and she’s damn good an entertainer.

And if she really thinks that she can really hunt down a true match — while being surrounded by cameras, NDTV’s crew that takes care of her whims, a dress designer who makes sure that Rakhi wears the sexiest wardrobe and a makeup artist ensures to freshen up her foundation layers after every shot – then she really is a fool or maybe even naive.

I am willing to give her the chance of being naive. Why else will a 30-year old woman who has a very very nice bank balance undergo such a sad attempt at swayamwar. I mean he could have called it a dating show and asked men to show her what they were made of, instead of demanding ‘love and marriage’ from them within a fixed number of shows. She could have got herself a lot better choice in grooms and she could have evaluated them in a more realistic environment.

I cant imagine that Rakhi cant see through the 5 men who are in the final round now. All of them, every single of them came on the show expecting to face the camera and get whatever little mileage they could get from the show. I could be a little harsh by putting all men in the same category but sorry, I don’t think like Rakhi. Even as she thinks that one of these will marry her and her future mother-in-laws, grooms family etc will be exactly what they were on camera then she is highly mistaken.

I wish she would read this blog and realise that she cant demand marriage the way she has been doing on the show. I mean does she really expect the grooms family to tell her, on-air that they are uncomfortable with her celebrity status and that she can never really be that obscure bahu in a small little town…If Rakhi thinks that her bollywood item numbers in semi-nude dresses will never come back to haunt her and a small town family of in-laws, then she needs a wake-up call.

Ms Sawant, my humble little advice is that you need to be friends with your future husband, meet him like a normal woman (without the glare of cameras and possibly without any make-up to show him …er, your true colors, which the man should be made aware of if he constantly salivates over your beauty), do talk to him about your past and make sure that he does not read out flowery and filmy poetry as you unfold chapters of your life. Believe me, men are most insecure about a woman they marry and her life before marriage and they generally try and be very politically correct about their stand– well, most men not all. And from what I have seen in your case, a regional movie star should be a big no-no as they are the best case scenario for someone who is looking for his time under the camera lights with you and that does not constitute for love.


6 thoughts on “The curious case of Rakhi Sawant

  1. I do agree the show is meaningless but im sure u were just having a good time watching rakhi doing silly things on the show.. btw do you know who Rakhi ties the knot with finally.. its not any of the 5 guys who are shortlisted.. there is a wild card entry later.. and keep guessing who the guy is.. he was rakhi's boyfriend once upon a time lol 😛 im sure u know it by now…

  2. Whatever u have written is pretty much true. I was following this show for past 1-2 weeks, and I also had the same reason, nothing else to watch at that time (I mean none of the shows which is aired at that prime time doesn't have such MASALAS in it). I have noticed one notorious behavior of Rakhi, that you can't ask anything related to her past whether it can be Boyfriend or her career, but she can ask any thing about your past and you have to reply, and if u fail to do so u r out of show. That's but obvious, its just the show, there is nothing serious here. Rakhi is acting as Fake as she actually is.
    Also she thinks herself as Mata Sita, and expects groom to be as good as Ram. But initially it was good show, but it is really a frustrating show….and I am also frustrated as one of my colleague watches the show in Youtube..what the heck!!!

  3. So u finally cudn't resist watching 'Rakhi ka Swayamwar'…the gal certainly is one of the best entertainers i've ever come across… Despite one's hatred / dislike towards her, it's still not easy to avoid her…The show is hillarious, funny and a grt grt destresser… and I soooo love her 'Kaatilaana' adaayein… 😉

  4. i think rakhee already knows what to expect..the reality show comes across as very well scripted, I wouldn't worry about rakhi at all…she's a smart worldly wise woman who knows exactly what she is doing and getting into!

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