A break …but from what?

“An extended break…that’s what I need.” I told my husband. He agreed.

No, we weren’t talking of taking a break from our marriage (we ain’t closer to that) but I was referring to a much-needed break at my Mom-Dad’s place in Delhi for a week. It would be a working holiday for me, as I work from my Delhi office too. The big difference is a fussing mom and a buzzing dad. Within 36 hours of deciding that a trip to Delhi was what I needed to rejuvenate myself, I was packing my bags with a ticket in my bag to Delhi — to my welcoming mom and dad, who practically open up their hearts, kitchen and loosen their purse strings every time I visit them.

Even though the lovely monsoon had just hit Mumbai and I was pre-warned by my parents of the hot, humid weather awaiting me at Delhi, it was only when I landed on a sunny Sunday, I realised that maybe the Delhi trip was a hasty decision afterall.
Worse, as I landed at my doorstep, my mom informed me of the malfunctioning of the AC’s in my room and the spare bedroom.

“The power has been very unpredictable too, this week,” complained my mom referring to the electricity supply from the generator.

In Delhi (or NCR) where I stay, the State Board power supply during peak summers is barely there and its the generator back-up that residents and gadgets survive on.

So, to sum up the situation back home — there was infrequent power supply from the genrator, the ACs in 2 rooms were not working which meant that I had to sleep in my parents bedroom and the chances of AC repairman to land that day were slim.

My first night, during my so-called relaxing week at home, landed me in my parents bedroom with an AC that refused to cool even at 20 degree C and a sporadic power supply that woke me up at every hour’s interval. Quite predictably, I got up with a headache on Monday morning, irritable and not-quite ready to go to my Delhi office. Worse, I called up my husband in Mumbai who coolly informed me that the city was in throes of monsoon showers and the weather was unbeatable.

Sure, Delhi too got its showers and dust storms later in the week but Mumbai’s weather (I know from my last monsoon experience in the Maximum city) is actually enviable. The city is both alluring and dirty during rains, and yet its wet streets and cool weather linger on in your mind.

I spent the week of my Delhi break, wishing that I would come back to Mumbai soon.


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