Reasons that annoy & reasons that overpower annoyance

When I was little, Saturdays meant two things – eating Maggi noodles and going with Dad to drive about the town in his car. Today, Saturday’s are about lazy mornings, followed by work (yes, we journalists work on Saturdays too) and then pray for a miraculous party/dinner plan to emerge from husband’s mouth.

Ever since Indian Premier League started (and now they have finally ended), neither the party nor the dinner has happened. This leaves behind a very upset wife (that’s me). As an exercise to cool my head off, I am listing out 7 things that annoy me the most in my husband and 7 things that make me forget those annoying characteristics of his.

What Annoys me the most

1. NO amount of explanation can convince my man that it’s not a good idea to leave leftovers from dinner or dirty dishes on the kitchen counter for hours. It only attracts more ants and cockroaches, if you haven’t knocked a few glasses or plates off our really compact kitchen counter already. This way, in addition to making dinner after work everyday, I am cleaning it up, too.

2. He leaves the bathroom floor WET (despite telling him at least 999 times to mop it away). Result, either I end up doing the same (on my defense, the bathroom does not dry up and becomes very slippery)

3. He see’s clean laundry on the bed or on bedside table, ready to be folded or stowed away for ironing. But no, he will prefer to turn a blind eye and walk out without touching the laundry. At times, he even gets in the bed, pulls the covers over his head and act like a baby who does not know that the laundry is in a pile on the bed.

4. Vegetables and boiled veggies are not bad. I can’t force him to eat them, but there’s no reason to make gagging sounds when I do.

5. He will NEVER use the garbage bag in the trash, opting instead to throw the garbage right into the can and then never offering to clean the messy garbage bin.

6. The man assumes that television is ONLY his legal tool to unwind after work, where the lone sofa turns into his throne.

7. Most of all, he never never never pay the utility bills on time. Result, either the connection/subscription is discontinued or we pay a fine (not to mention the bear the inconvenience).

Okay, to be honest, I am actually feeling much better as I list these out. And now it’s turn for the happy part. 7 reasons why let him annoy me so much…

1. He comes with me to the grocery store (whenever I manage to convince him)and patiently trails along with the shopping cart. And even pays for the same, most of the times.

2. He has taught me (an extremely talkative person) how to talk without speaking.

3. He can genuinely leave me alone, when I need it the most.

4. Mr Muscles can be a rock when it comes to dealing with patience.

5. Does not force me to do anything that I am reluctant to do in first place, which includes being a docile and timid creature for his side of the family.

6. If I do a bad job at writing an article (my work) then he very honestly points it out to me. There’s no sweetening of communication!

7. Stops snoring (or at least for some time) when I call out his name.


8 thoughts on “Reasons that annoy & reasons that overpower annoyance

  1. I agree with Anonymous, pls get a life. If you are newly married Id imagine you spending your free time discovering each other and not blogging as a creative talent!!

  2. Welcome to the married world. 🙂 And this is not the voice of experience talking! Just that I’ve heard similar tales from several people. But the second half of the blogpost was cute! 🙂

  3. Yep, this sounds like my man. The things that annoy me that is.

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