Victims of economy

Over pitchers of mint iced tea, I had this conversation, with an i-banker friend who whom I met through common friends.

Enter, my friend (lets call him J) and his girlfriend a young finance professional, who have managed to hold on to their jobs (despite massive layoffs at their respective workplaces). J as been working 6 days a week to make up for the losses on his team and is obviously a little disheartened by lack of monetary compensation.

J: “The second I get a relevant opening, I am moving to Middle-East. That’s where everything is, Dubai.”

His GF: “What?????” Shock is a mild word to explain her facial expression.

J: “Mumbai is not happening, ma cherie, time to pull the plug. It’s overpriced and overdeveloped. Dubai baby, Dubai.” He said, without even looking up, sounding as if he had made up his mind after some lengthy calculations.

His GF, on the other side, looked as if she wanted to throw up and punch him in his very adorable face.

I closed my eyes, clicked my heels, and said loudly “But J there’s no place like Mumbai,” and when I opened them I found, J staring at me blankly and his GF on the brink of tears. Sadly, we had to abandon the ice tea pitcher in that crowded cafe and run out as the young GF showed signs of getting hysterical.

A few days later, I heard over a group call(the most in-thing nowadays)with my trusted friends that the GF is packing her bags to move in with J to Dubai. He has found a fat-paying job at one of Dubai’s biggest banks. As part of his new job, J is being given a villa (complete with an attached swimming pool) and a car, which we figured would be ideal for the GF who always lusted for one while in Mumbai.

Guess, all’s well that end’s well.


3 thoughts on “Victims of economy

  1. Hmm… overdeveloped, I’m not quite sure I can concur with that statement (unless your friend’s boyfriend used it sarcastically).

  2. Good post! Great thoughts. But unless your friend is a Firang:) my apologies for using the word & delivers instantly, Dubai is going to be a Bad place for the next 18-24 months. However let's wish them all the best.

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