Where’s the bonus?

My bonus is the main part of my compensation, get it? said my i-banker hubby, guzzling a diet pepsi as if it was his favorite whiskey.

This wrath was coming from my otherwise mild-natured husband whose boss (who sits in a posh HongKong office and draws a whopping salary of Rs 1 crore annually) that this year would be no change in India team’s compensation packages. No hike in perks, or whatsoever. Not even a single extra rupee to show off!

If I wanted to live in poverty, I would of been a teacher or a bond trader or something. He spat out not realising that his mother is a teacher 🙂 and is a proud professional. Our household expenses are up by 40% from last year. Hell, we even have to hire a driver this month. It’s almost as bad as 2001, he whined.

A quick flashback. My husband, an electrical engineer was offered a cushy job from Infosys, post his engineering. But the 2000-01 slowdown, led the company to delay the campus placements by 6 months compelling him to look at options like studying further. The silver lining was that he managed to get into IIM-Kolkata, that probably did him more good than joining as a rookie project lead in Infosys.

Back to present. Some people act like I don’t deserve my bonus, and to top it my boss (I think he called him a butthole, at this point) doesn’t get that I work my ass off to clean up his act. Continued rant from you know who.

While, I generally prefer to be the one who is doing the talk in the house, it is on these rare occasions when I realize that others too have a story to tell!

Although my i-banker did not need a soothe-talker, I could not control myself. I confidently spoke my mind out to him. I think that i-bankers are way too important to not get their bonuses. (YEAH!) Companies can’t do deals without you guys. You’re the grease that makes their wheels spin. Without you, there’s too much friction, so the wheels don’t turn, and the cars just sit there revving their engines like morons. OK, so maybe some of you got a bit too greasy the last couple of years and the wheels kind of spun off the axels. But that doesn’t mean that the grease shouldn’t get bonuses. Kudos!

When I turned my head to my husband, I saw his tapping wildly in his blackberry. When i asked what was he writing when I am talking to him, his reply was — I will tell this dialogue to my boss. I think this will kick in some sense.


4 thoughts on “Where’s the bonus?

  1. Well, Mr/Ms Anon:Will it be fair to generalize the whole of i-bankers’ lot because the one in US failed. But then I agree with your sentiments but since I also live with one banker, I do dare to say that not all bankers (for that matter bankers are a small part of the whole deal)…why is anyone not pointing fingers at govt, b’coz they equally share the blame.

  2. Sorry to say this, but the way most investment bankers have handled people’s money (retirement fund, hedge funds, etc.) they should not be getting ANY money! I am talking about the larger bucket of investment bankers – including hedge fund managers, traders, etc.

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