Wall Street brought us closer!

As dealmaking dries up amid the economic crisis, stress levels are rising and bankers are finding themselves in need of a dose of adrenaline to replace the buzz of multi-million dollar transactions. So, what do they do or let me re-phrase…what does a desi i-banker do?

They guzzle beer/whiskey(practically nothing new in here) and watch lots of movies of television, this includes Wall Street. What do you like in this film, I asked aloud, when my i-banker husband switched to the movie for the second time on a weekend(secretly cursing the reruns).

I got an enthused, almost animated reply from my otherwise stone-faced husband, “Can’t you see…this is a wild film on an ambitious young trader in the eighties in New York.’Greed is good’ is what Michael Douglas inculcates in this and see how swank an apartment is Charlie Sheen’s and his perfect woman…we all want that life.”

Whaaaattt! “What do you mean by living with a perfect woman…ain’t I good enough,” I bellowed out loud.

He back-tracked. I cooled off.

During a commercial break, I turned to my husband, “You know what I like about movies is that you can close your eyes, pay no attention to the dialogue, and still be able to guess—often correctly—what will happen next by simply taking note of the movement or changes in the tempo of the movie’s musical scoring.” In the real world, unfortunately, there is no such thing. Despite your best analysis, you cannot accurately predict what will happen next if you do this or do that, or if your fortune is about to change for the better or for the worse.

To my amazement, my husband agreed with me. This was a first in our 11-month old marriage. We agreed on something, in the first go.


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