Work…You gotto be kidding me!

Ever wondered what the now-redundant i-bankers do all day long in their offices? They have no work. A few do not have bosses too (either they have been laid off or probably out for an interview).

I mean there are a few bright examples like:
The 25-year-old former Bear Sterns analyst and his girlfriend Joyce Huang, an ex-Lehman Brothers banker, have set up a website —— full of hints for out-of-work financiers wondering how to deal with the mundane realities of life away from The Street. Read here

So, if they have no work but an idea, niggling somewhere then please give it some air guys! This one, I actually overheard at a Sunday brunch.

An excited whisper, “Over the last few months, bartending schools have seen a 20-25 per cent growth in enrollment, as the newly unemployed begin to explore their next career move.”

Another whisper, now a more calm tone. “For former financial-sector employees and office workers, this may be an outstanding move. After all, it’s going to be a long, cold winter and it seems likely that a lot of people will be gathering together for warmth and community.”


However, on a personal note, even if the scene shifts from upscale cocktail palaces to lowbrow dives, the taste for community warmth, leavened with whiskey and scotch, will survive. We all know that. If you’re not sure about your next career move, you might consider becoming a part of it. Honestly, think about it.


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