i-bankers slide down on Matrimony indexes

“Are you crazy…Haven’t you read the papers.” A pause. Slightly apologetic tone, “Oh, you are married to an i-banker.” Another thoughtful pause. “I am so sorry deary.”

This was what my friend (single and ready to settle down) had to say to my idea of getting an i-banker to secure her future, if not her present. But then, she’s right. Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, ABN Amro, HSBC and Deutsche Bank were probably the hottest bank brands that were most sought after on any online matrimony or dating platform. A profile with the above names on it underlined the fact that the guy had both, education and a suave lifestyle.

Today, ofcourse, the theory does not hold ground.

My friend, informs me, that investment banking groom valuation has taken steep fall in the matrimony market, both online and offline. On the online sites, ‘Friend’ request for Investment bankers have seen a decline and all the filters are being applied to them. And despite their supply, to-be brides/friend do not want to invest their life time in such a risky venture. Who can blame them?

A quick dipstick discussion and survey with the head of the Old Wives & Aunts Network (it exists in my family and yours too), the most powerful lobby working in the marriage industry are reportedly downgrading Financial services, Investment banking & Outsourcing from ‘Marriage Material (MM)’ to ‘Ignore Politely (IP)’ levels.

Despite my lack of insight, I would still like to, for once, speculate on the future scenario. Who could possibly gain ground in the matrimony race? The doctors!

They will never go out of fashion. Sub-prime crisis, IT slump or stock market crash, they are immune to all. Rather heart surgeons and cardiologist will be making a killing (pun intended) out of investment bankers in the current scenario. They are sure to make a killing before they get killed (literally).


4 thoughts on “i-bankers slide down on Matrimony indexes

  1. See, i am not a subject expert but since I do have a little exp with these bankers, my suggestion would be try chking harvard alumi list…you can check his MBA stream etc. Harvard alumini do have listed profiles on their yaer pages. Just check. You should be very careful when you meet anybody (with the best credentials too)…why not try search him on the few social networking portals. No harm in making sure, right!

  2. hiI happened to find this site by complete accident but would appreciate any help Priyanka. I met this guy online and he claims to be an investment banker..he seems legitimate but i cant find anything on him when i google his name. He says hes a harvard MBA and works for ML but i cannot find his name anywhere..my gut says he is telling the truth..plz help i dont know how to verify all of this so i can move forward!!!!

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