Udayan Mukherjee — My friend, my enemy

CNBC TV18’s star news reader/anchor/correspondent and ofcourse a well-paid executive editor Udayan Mukherjee must have earned the wrath of many wives like me. For the uninitiated, he reads the stock market analysis at 10 pm everyday and has an ardent i-banker followers like my husband.

The moment my husband hears the clock chime 10 pm (which is my time to watch Bigg Boss on Colours), there is a rush in the house to find the remote control and whoever lands it is the proud winner of the TV.

While we were struggling everyday for TV, elsewhere in the US housing prices continued to decline. Merrill Lynch was the first to report a large loss, at $5.5 billion on 5 Oct 2007. Only to come back less than three weeks later on 24 Oct 2007 to say that the losses were now over $8 billion. Eventually, losses reached $500 billion a year into the crisis for all global institutions. How do I know these numbers? Hello, didn’t I tell you, I was an i-banker’s wife!

Going back to Udayan, he started the bulletin with a grim expression and a script that was splintered with words like “gloom”, “job cuts”, “crisis” …you would know the rest.

We were informed, thanks to CNBC TV 18’s zealous reporters and analysis that the Merrill losses were followed by losses at most of the large global financial institutions. Many CEOs lost their jobs and the companies were forced to raise capital. Oh yeah, its losses had risen to $350 billion.

ALl this while, I had missed several of my Bigg Boss sessions (forcing me to stay back late at work to catch up the episodes on You Tube)


6 thoughts on “Udayan Mukherjee — My friend, my enemy

  1. He is just another reporter who gathers info from big vigs and passes it on to others… Some times he acts so funny by asking repeated Questions again and again.EX: will we see double dip will we see nifty 6300… What a crap I doubt people who call him Tech Analyst know wat a Tech Analysis is…. Its Time For CNBC to change some one in his place….

  2. Mr Joseph,

    The spouse will not budge from TV and web live TV is way to irregular in its streaming. I tried that mode during IPL –failed and I had to give away my remote control.

    So, its one TV household quagmire.

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