A sad demise … of peace

Imagine waking up at 6 am on a weekday, because your husband forgot to put his Blackberry on silent. It happened with me.

Lately, my i-banker of a husband has taken to sleeping with his Blackberry safely tucked underneath his pillow. (“Reason,” he tells me, “I don’t want to miss replying to any important mails sent from US or HongKong office.”)

Now, I know this husband of mine has never treated the phone any better. There were days, believe me, the Blackberry was tossed carelessly inside the wardrobe and dutifully forgotten until morning. But now, ever since I have understood this credit crisis, it’s the most important gadget that travels to bathrooms, sits in front of TV, and even goes for a walk with my husband. The connection and GPRS connectivity is checked when the emails don’t pour in after three and a half minute. And I can go on.

Once awake, I had a freakish urge to shutdown the gadget but when I saw the mailbox flash a name that read ‘Lehman brother’s’ I was clearly intrigued, even at 6 am in the morning. The mail (Yes, I checked it when I am not supposed to peep into other’s emails) read that Lehman brothers was to file Chapter 11. Not only was this bit alien to me, it also irked me that some company filing a chapter 11 was so important that my poor hubby was being mailed to keep his eyes open at 6 am in the MORNING!

Ignorant me, realised the impact of the mail only when I was explained, By then, it was time to forget Lehman Brothers and save my job.


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