This season invest in vests

The vest has been deemed a must-have by many pundits because of its versatility and the variety of styles.
For fall fashion 2008, the vest is far from the uniform for unruly drunkards and sweaty athletes. It’s an easy way to update the wardrobe.

The season’s top layering item, the vest is an integral part of the trendy menswear look for women. The tailored version, often done in a menswear pattern, is a natural with the popular wide-leg trousers or jeans. Teaming it with a pencil skirt works as well. To soften the masculine edge, place a girly blouse underneath it, such as a ruffled number, or a top with a bow tied at the neck. Some designers also like showing vests with puffy-sleeved (long and short) tops.

Another variation is the sweater vest, which can have a geeky or preppy connotation. There is more to them than that. Sure, you see the expected Fair Isle and argyle takes. But the most interesting are longer, below the hips. They have a bohemian quality to them. Wear these with a pair of slim jeans and fringed boots. Leggings tucked in sleek boots with the piece is an option, too. Another bohemian look is wearing the vest over a dress.


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