Mumbai: party capital of India

UK’s respected, Telegraph newspaper recently covered Mumbai party scene in an elaborate article by Kirsty Lang. The reporter says:

“Seijo and the Soul Fish is in Bhandra, the favourite suburb of the Bollywood set. Inside, it throbs with music, beautiful people and trendy DJs. You could be in Soho or Manhattan. But outside it looks like a run-down, concrete office block: the only clues to its fashionable interior are the BMWs and Land Rovers parked on the muddy, potholed street alongside motorised rickshaws.

Bars like Seijo are where the “Page Three” set hangs out. In Mumbai that doesn’t mean topless models but the society page of The Times of India, which features colour spreads on celebrities and the nouveau riche. Getting on to page three is the aspiration of every Mumbai socialite.”

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